Exotic Cats for the whole family (7 best picks for 2021)

My daughter gave me an assignment that I had little idea about getting her a kitten. Where is one supposed to get a guide to getting the ideal cat for her? I had no guide to help me get a feline for her, what about getting exotic cats for children and the family at large?

One needs to assess their habits or lifestyle to know if the children can handle the new pet and which kind is the most suitable choice. We decided to ask a cat expert to find out.

Cats can be beneficial to the family as they can be used for therapeutic purposes. Therapy cats are so sociable, tolerant, poised, calm at all times. They come in different breeds which love contact with adults, as well as children. Secondly, cats can train family members to become sociable and responsible while taking care of them. Getting a cat that is content with being petted and sometimes handled clumsily is key.

Best Breeds of Exotic Cats for the Whole Family

Here are seven types you may want to look out for:

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold gets its name from the folded ears they possess and large beautiful eyes giving it a lovable look. It usually is a pleasant cat that blends exceptionally with its human caregivers and gets along well with children and other pets. This is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects the tendons throughout the body, which causes the ears to keep bending forward and down towards the front of the head.

This makes the cat get the description of a presence close to an owl. They have a layback, calm behavior making them suitable to be around a noisy environment without being startled. The Scottish fold is a medium-size breed (9 to 13 pounds). They are fond of human attention, and they’re not startled or frightened by loud noises.

Maine coons

They are well-known for their gigantic figure weighing in around 25 to 30 pounds. Ironically they’re a very common house cat breed due to their sociable nature. They are very playful which is important when dealing with children. It has been touted as a perfect match if you want a cat that enjoys lots of attention.

Think of them as a more polite puppy you won’t have to walk every day. Some cat parents liken the Maine coons to puppies because they’re so sturdy appearances and are independent yet fun-loving and interactive.

Children love them for their playful, kitten-like personalities, their age notwithstanding. Maine coons are usually friendly towards the whole family among the choice breed of cats for kids. Therefore they make excellent additions to families and have been used as therapy cats by some family members.


    The ragdoll is a widely adored cat among families with children hence you can never go wrong. They will tag along with the pet parent around the home even rub against your feet in a cuddly manner. This breed of cat tends to be fairly large and have bright blue eyes. They are popular pets because they like humans a whole lot and are loved for their habits of collapsing into the arms of the person holding them, just like a ragdoll.

    If you’re looking for a 15-pound semi-long-haired BFF who’s stuck to you like glue, this could be your cat soul mate they’ll often greet their owners when you walk in through the door and stick by your side around the home.

    American Shorthairs

    To begin with, they have a long life which is something great for the family to be together for the longest time. Secondly, the American shorthair is cool and even-tempered, making them a widely held choice among families who want to give their kids a pet that won’t harm them. This is due to the fact kids can be naughty sometimes pulling the can like a toy so you won’t need to worry about kids’ safety being scratched or bitten.

    This type of cat is diligent as well as skilled in hunting down rodents or snakes that may cause you sleepless nights. Thus they will serve as a protector to the family, they are an adorable great choice indeed.

    They’re also known to be easygoing with kids and dogs so no need to worry about a world war, they will get along. The shorthair as the name suggests is fluffy and is pretty low maintenance. You or the kids won’t need to brush them over and over again.

    Persian Cats

    If you are looking for an attractive cat, the Persian breed takes the beauty contest. They are among the more lovable popular cat breed, both because of how beautiful they are and their cool, laidback dispositions.

    The Persian breed takes a bit of time to warm up to new surroundings which is normal for any cat in these circumstances. After getting accustomed to the environs they are super comfortable in the home. They tend to look pretty when brushed from time to time, which makes children responsible and creates bonding time.


    They are a nice-looking breed but what makes them popular is their intelligent cats. In addition, they are energetic, trustworthy, and love being close to people hence Abyssinians are great fits for families with older kids. Apart from being among one of the oldest cat breeds in the world, Abyssinians are super smart.

    One important detail is they do like human companionship, but they show it simply by being near you rather than on top of you they are not the huggable type. They will get you hooked on them until you will miss them when you travel.


    It is a crossbreed amongst the Siamese and Persian cats, most importantly it takes after the best persona of both breeds. These cats are laidback, naturally full of life, and fun-loving. They have around faces, blue eyes, pouty mouths, and snub noses but have a wonderful personalities.

    These dispositions make the Himalayans be among the favorites among families with children. They also learn tricks that you teach them around the house with readily available cat toys. They also love to perch instinctively like any normal cat.

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    Causes and management of cat’s allergies

    Cat allergies occur due to reactions caused by the proteins in cat urine, saliva, and their dander on surfaces.

    You will need to launder the beddings often and use allergen blockers on their mattress and pillow. Resist the urge to hug or kiss the cat no matter how lovable or cute the cat may look.

    In addition keep the floor, walls, ceiling, and drapes clean. Vacuum the entire house frequently, preferably using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to catch dander.

    Encourage the family members to sanitize or wash their hands using soap after stroking or playing with the feline.

    Ensure there is a clean flow of air in and out of all rooms by using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifier. This will assist in ensuring the air is allergy-free especially where you sleep, the bedrooms. Restrict the cat to a few rooms that you manage to clean effectively.

    The symptoms are usually noticeable immediately. If the family member’s allergy symptoms are present for over two weeks and not rescinding consult your family doctor. In extreme cases, having trouble breathing may occur leading to medical attention.

    FAQ About taking care of exotic cats and the whole family

    Why should I get my children a cat?

    Children love cats like Bernie and Clyde because they will have a friend in the house. In these times when the Covid pandemic has made social interactions limited that is a way to curb boredom. The good thing about having a cat is that is fairly reasonable to take care of. In addition, it teaches them to be active and responsible individuals when caring for their kitten.

    What are the symptoms of cat allergies in children?

    Children with allergies have overly sensitive immune systems that mistake the protein from cat dander for something that will cause harm to their bodies. Your child’s body attacks those proteins just as it would a bacteria or virus. In response, the body reacts with a wide variety of symptoms, including:
    Coughing, Sneezing, and Wheezing
    Itchy rash if the cat scratched or licked the area
    Itchy, watery, or red eyes
    Waking up in the night with nasal stuffiness
    Runny, stuffy, or itchy nose
    Itchy throat or roof of the mouth


    Cats can be beneficial to the family as they can be used for therapeutic purposes (therapy cats) and emotional benefits. Cats are so sociable, tolerant, poised, calm at all times and they come in different sizes shapes, and breeds.

    They love contact with adults and children and they keep you company as well as hunt rodents. Pet cats normally can train family members to become sociable and responsible while taking care of them. So get to it and adopt a new family feline and they are easy to take care of.

    In case you experience allergies the positive benefits may outweigh the negative aspects and there are safe and effective allergy medications available to block or lessen the symptoms. Keeping the home clean will prevent cat dander from causing allergies in the home.

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