11 Ideas for Cats in Small Apartments

11 Ideas for Cats in Small Apartments

When you live in a small apartment one definitely will experience advantages and disadvantages but what if you have a cat roomie? The biggest drawback though of a studio apartment is lack of adequate space, hence the thought of these 11 ideas for cats in small apartments to make them more fun for your kitty.

Granted it may be a challenge to accomplish keeping your kitty happy and your small apartment stylish. Hence this may be a balanced delicate affair more so if you have multiple cats in the studio apartment. You can always talk to a vet to find out more.

Worry not here are some of the suggestions that will make changes to the life of your cat at the same time keep her entertained..

white and brown cat on brown wooden window

Ideas for cats in small apartments to make it fun for your kitty

1. Secure the Window

As established studio apartment flats are space limited so the cat might climb and sit on the top of window shelves and if it is open fall out.

It is tempting for a bored cat in a small apartment to jump out when the weather is warmer. And you left your window open making it necessary to secure your cat hence you may need to get a cat window screen.

But if you live in a studio flat then the air conditioning will be your friend because the cost will be cheaper, that is an advantage you can exploit.

The screens though have their limitations, they are not so cool for home décor enthusiasts.

Some inquisitive heavy kitties can push themselves through screens because cats naturally scratch to mark territory or sharpen their nails especially the window screens, kittens mostly.

Metal grills and grids are not exciting but can do the job for you if protecting your kitty is a priority just get a fancy design.

You may want to double your window screen or put a stronger mesh to keep your cat safe DIY, the option is yours also depending on the height of the apartment.

Placement of the scratch post underneath the window to divert your cat’s attention and rubbing the catnip or the catnip oil on it will draw the kitty there

This also depends if you are at home or mostly out, some facts that may influence what arrangements you take.

white short coated small dog on brown wooden floor

2. Vacuum and Sweep habitually

Fortunately for you vacuuming and sweeping are some of the advantages of efficiency apartments or studio flats because they are small in size.

Having a carpet is quite efficient as it will capture the kitty’s hair making it easier when vacuuming. Due to space consideration acquiring a handheld vacuum whether cordless or not that can deal with any pet hair situation.

You may want to make it a habit brushing the cat with a de-shedding kit or pet hair remover glove to reduce the number of times you clean.

Doing so while petting the cat will sure make her enjoy the attention, so schedule a few minutes daily.

brown tabby kitten on bed

3. Get Some Toys in the Apartment

As much as kitties are adorable they may get messy and turn your sacred stuff into play toys to your chagrin. Ensure you get some fancy little toys that will keep your cat;

  • Entertained
  • Release aggression
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Suppress boredom
  • Promotes bonding
  • Build confidences

So head out and get yourself the best cat toys to spruce up the life of your furry friend while choosing suitable toys that do not require large apartments.

shallow focus photography of tuxedo cat on brown wooden furniture

4. Get Some Kitty Perches, Shelves and Trees Condos

Cats instinctively have the hunting habit and like to stay in high places if you don’t mind some drills into your wall then cat perches or shelves.

At the same time, cats like to entertain themselves by watching birds through the wind so it would ideal to dress up the sills.

Certainly, it is worth noting that kitties like to rest and sleep a lot as well as some sunshine so a kitty sill by the window will be most ideal.

There are plenty of these items but make sure to choose the best cat shelves and perches in the market that blend with the décor in your studio apartment.

Meanwhile, when choosing a cute cat tree if you a multi-cat guardian is another way of how to make a small apartment more fun for your kitty cat. Since cat trees are vertical as opposed to horizontal for us it uses less space.

The cat trees are an alternative to your refrigerator top or bookcase in addition to that they offer the cat comfort, play area, safety, exercise, and most of all jumping FUN.

If you got more than one cat then they will learn to perch on the tree with the alpha cat picking the topmost spot thus harmony between them. It is an ideal cat training tool.

It seems likely for a timid cat having a bird’s eye view offers safety because of the advantageous perspective of the surrounding so rather than hiding under the furniture.

The cat tree condo can serve also as a sisal scratching post which will help you manage the space of the small apartment at the same time keep your cat happy.

Don’t forget to pick the appropriate cat tree house for your cat size failure to which it may be discomfort and vulnerability.

White Kitten on a Scratching Post with Toys

5. Invest in Anti Furniture Scratching Ideas

When observing the cat’s natural scratching habit one may wonder what to do to stop the damaging of furniture, while at the same time making it fun.

­­­­­­­It is to help your cat scratch because it keeps the paws healthy and aids the marking of territorial space.

Consequently getting the best scratching post is another effective way of saving your carpet and how to make a small apartment more fun for your kitty.

Particularly a couch Corner Scratching Post will make your furniture have a vibrant new sleek outlook that is why it features as ideas for cats in small apartments.

Another idea is the purchase of Prevent and Cover-Up Cat Scratch damage done to your furniture which is cheaper than replacing new furniture every now and then.

You opt for the Couch Protector Cover or See-through Plastic Scratch Guard that saves your walls as well as sofa-set.

white and black cat on brown plant pot

6. Pet-Friendly Plants

There are a couple of plants that cats really like and are safe for them to chew for example the Spider Plant that contains air-purifying elements and awesome as indoor plants and stress-free to conserve.

Get house plants that are able to grow in a wide spectrum of conditions and are affected by minimal complications.

The indoor plants come in pots that are stylish to match your interior décor and sprucing the look at the same time the cat can benefit from its herb.

Whether Cats are naturally attracted to the spider plant maybe because they are dangled in the house or not, it keeps them entertained.

The catnip is another easy to grow plant favorable for your cat though they are mainly outdoor plants but can grow indoors and basically not harmful to the cat.

You only need to place them by the window to benefit from the sunshine for a minimal 6 hours daily.

You also need to give it adequate water and pinch out the flowers to encourage leaf growth. It emanates from the mint herb family, no wonder the cat likes to chew on it.

In addition to its euphoric effect on cats, it contains fragrant flowers that are attractive and great for the environment.

All in all, make sure to get a list of plants that are safe for pets since not all are.

Man in Coveralls Holding Spray Bottle

7. Rid that Litter Odor

It can be really a put off particularly when you got a nice small studio apartment and visitors pop in.

I am sure a stinky self-contained unit is not anybody’s cup of tea consequently the need to regularly change the cat litter.

Since the apartment space is small there is less clutter making it easy to maintain cleanliness and doing so quickly.

Of-course it mostly depends on the cat litter trash can in your possession or you intend to buy.

You can get some recommendation on the article, Best Cat Litter Trash Can come to your aid making it be fun sticking around your apartment with kitty.

tuxedo cat in brown cardboard box

8. Stylish Litter Box Choices

It could be that your kitty doesn’t like the present litter box so ensure you choose the Best litter box in the market. Use of the best vacuum cleaners for cat litter preferably a cordless one will be great for easy movement in the studio apartment.

Preferably the one that doesn’t require you to buy a litter mat if you are short of money and don’t wish to spend on additional accessories. And so get creative play around with ideas for cats in small apartments and use DIY hacks.

You may want to place the litter box in a drawer or a modified flower vase to make maximum use of the little space you got at the same time being stylish.

litter mat

9. Litter Mat

The benefits of a cat litter mat are for the dire reason that may make a cat use anything in its vicinity to clean its paws.

In the protection of your favorite carpet, a cat litter mat is the best choice to keep your kitty happy. It also allocates less time in cleaning your studio apartment.

Kitty litter mat plays a central role in curbing the spread of diseases mostly from particles of cat fecal matter.

It better safe than sorry when it comes to health issues so the cat litter mat protects you as well as the cat by keeping his paws clean and comfy.

Besides, the cleaning of the mat is stress-free as you can shake it, vacuum or machine wash.

So choose the best cat litter mat that makes things easier to clean after the kitty while a stylish mat will beautify your apartment too.

orange tabby cat on white textile

10. Create play Time

Most of all it is important to create some time for your kitty to play with you. This should a habitual activity every day and it is therapeutic for both of you.

Use the toys you got for the cat those that she can play by herself and those that need your input, the bottom line is just to have fun.


11. Automatic Pet Water Dispenser

If you are a pet parent who has a busy schedule or lifestyle an automatic pet water dispenser would be a game-changer for you. You don’t need to worry about refilling the cat’s bowl every hour. Because it gradually refills freshwater as your cat has a cool drink to quench his thirst. The best part is it creates more time for you to spend with your furry friend.

Video Tips to Create Fun for Cats in Small Apartments

FAQ About ideas for cats in small apartments

Can 2 cats in a small apartment live together?

Yes, two cats can live together in one room as long as there are harmonious. secondly introducing a host of new items like cat trees condos the superior cat can take the highest spot and the other the next. Apart from that cat toys can be used to keep them calm and when they are given enough space from each other they will get along.

How much space does a cat need?

A cat likes small spaces to live in as a safety mechanism so if you got a minimum of 18 square feet living room for that would be sufficient. If you intend to have two furry roomies, double the square feet and re-organize your flat to maximize on ideas for cats in small apartments.

How long should I keep my cat in one room?

If it is the first day of adopting the cat, then it takes some time for the cat to develop trust and acclimatize itself to the new home. A minimum of 2 or 3 days for a cat should be ample for it to be able to mark its territory. Just ensure it is a serene, well ventilated, cozy, and secure room to allow the cat to blend into its new surroundings naturally.


The fact that studio apartments have limited space, does not mean you cannot find ways of turning them into fun for your kitty. We have gone through some of the workable suggestions on ideas for cats in small apartments to make it more fun for your kitty. Hence try them out it may be worth your while in case you intend to be a first-time cat owner. Besides sprucing up your relationship with your longtime pet is important


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